• Supply of hydraulic pumps, valves, accumulators, tanks, drive couplings, bell housings and accessories.
  • The hydraulic division will also provide system and manifold design, manufacture of power-packs, fault finding, technical and practical training and other on-site services
  • Reservoir Accessories – Included in the range are level gauges with or without thermometer. Pump and motor drive couplings are pre-machined. We also stock a complete range of bell-housings to suit. We also stock various sizes of filter breathers, air breather and suction strainers.
  • Pump & Geared Flow Dividers – The official distributor for Vivoil in South Africa offering a full range of geared pumps, flow dividers and tandem pumps. These are available in different groups and cc ratings, as well as numerous flange and shaft arrangements. Hand pumps are available from 12-50cm3. Tank and in-line mounted.
  • Directional Control Valves – Available with detents, spring and different spool configurations. All valves come with a relief and power beyond facility. These valves are used in the transport, earth-moving, agricultural, mining, forestry and construction industries
  • Accessory Valves – Inline relief, pilot operated check valves, over center valves, priority flow dividers, burst valves, check valves, needle valves etc.
  • Solenoid Accessory Valves – To complement the Solenoid valve range the following accessory valves are available: Modular valves, inline valves, poppet valves and lift valves. Our dedicated supplier ensures quickly, hence non-stock items are quickly available
  • Solenoid Valves – NG6, NG10, NG16, NG25 and NG32 valves can be supplied with a variety of voltages and spool configurations
  • Manifold Blocks & Subplates – We stock a complete range of manifold blocks and subplates to suit most hydraulic applications. Special purpose manifold blocks are also available on request.
  • Hydraulic Motors & Steering Units – Our wide rage of low speed motors are designed for low or high torque applications, raging from 8cc per REV to 500cc per REV.

—High efficiency

—High starting torque

—Robust and compact design

—For open and closed loop systems

—Smooth running